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  • Each week teams will play a total of 3 games
  • We will mark your wins and points total.
  • Your total wins will determine your standings
  • In the event of a tie in the Wins column, we will use the points total to determine who has a higher standing.
  • Your place in the standings will determine your seeding in the finals tournament.


  • Home Team is Blue
  • Away Team is Red
  • BLUE  Team is responsible for reporting the score. Results must be sent via twitter to @sfshuffleboard after each game.  
  • Red gets the hammer every game
  • Blue wipes and waxes the table between every game
  • If there are only 3 players on one of the teams, shoot in an “ABC” format
  • If there are 4 players on both teams, shoot in an “ABCD” format
  • Players may not sit out more than 1 game per match
  • Each match is 3 games total (not best of 3).


  • Games are played to 15 points
  • The first to 15 points wins
  • Play the SHORT foul line (closest to the shooter)
  • Weights must be 100% in the score zone to be counted as the greater value
  • Hangers off the end of the table are counted as 4
  • Side hangers are not worth any additional points
  • To Start: The A player from the home team will shoot first.  Alternate shots until all 8 weights have been thrown.
  • Count Your points:  The deepest weights of the same color are the only weights that count.  If red has 4 weights on the board and blue has passed 2 of the weights.  Only the two deepest red weights count.
  • Only one color can score each frame.
  • The B player on the team who scored on the previous frame will shoot first on the next frame.
  • Repeat this for your C player and your D player (if applicable), then go back to the top of the lineup.